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Businesses, large and small, are increasingly embracing the corporate outing concept to help with team building. However, finding appropriate corporate outing spaces can be a challenge, because many venues are tailored to a single activity. This can complicate the job of the corporate event planner, because he or she has to coordinate multiple vendors or locations for a single outing.

A great corporate outing space is one that offers a wide variety of activities, handles catering in-house, and has a dedicated event planner that can help you incorporate your team-building activities into the recreation offered at the space.

Some great ideas for corporate outings include: mystery dinners, escape rooms, karaoke, laser tag, bowling, scavenger hunts, and game nights. What these outings have in common is that they encourage even less outgoing team members to participate. In addition, while they may be competitive, the competition is of a friendly nature, with activities specifically chosen to be enjoyable regardless of the outcome. Depending on the type of outing you choose, there are a number of great indoor venues in New Jersey that can provide space for corporate events.

Finding a great outdoor space can be a little more challenging, which is a shame because the value of the corporate event is often overlooked. Corporate picnics were once seen only as a way to bring employees and families together, perhaps on an annual basis. However, corporate picnics can actually be a great event for smaller corporate outings and team building. Physical activities and teamwork help promote the formation of bonds and strengthen existing team bonds. That is why more and more corporations are looking at ways to incorporate fun physical activity in their corporate outings. Black Bear Lake offers an abundance of physical opportunities in a gorgeous setting in the New Jersey hills. Whether you want to focus on rock climbing, divide into teams for a friendly soccer game or game of outdoor laser tag, or simply let your employees relax in a heated swimming pool before eating a delicious custom-prepared meal, Black Bear Lake can help you plan the perfect corporate outing.


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