Black Bear Lake- Employment

Looking for a job?  Consider joining the team at Black Bear Lake.  A space dedicated to fun and enjoyment, we offer a great working environment for those just entering the workforce, people looking for seasonal employment, and people looking for year-round employment for big events.

What is Black Bear Lake?  We are an event facility dedicated to helping organizations create the perfect outdoor events.  From corporate picnics to weddings, family reunions, and other outings, our large facility can play host to a wide variety of events.  We are on a gorgeous lake, have several swimming pools, an on-lake water park, outside recreation opportunities, indoor facilities, and dining facilities that can be used in multiple ways for truly unique events.

However, our success is not only due to our facility, but to our ability to hire and retain some of the best event staff in the business.  We pride ourselves on creating a great, fun work environment for our staff. If you are new to the workforce, we are a great place to learn how to develop the type of work ethic that will lead you to success in any endeavor.  If you have experience, you can bring your leadership skills to us, and perhaps play a role in helping shape our organization.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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