Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Black Bear Lake picnic areas and picnic rentals for corporate Family Picnics, Company Picnics, Corporate Outings Special Events, NJ Picnics, Picnic Rentals, Corporate Event Spaces, and more:

  1. What should we bring?
    Black Bear Lake has seating in all areas of the park and sporting equipment is provided for Tennis, Softball, Soccer, and Basketball, and Volleyball. If you plan to fish, you will need to bring a fishing pole. Black Bear Lake will provide at no charge a towel at the pool.
  2. What kinds of boats do you have?
    We have pedal boats and canoes.
  3. What happens if it rains?
    We have plenty of covered space. Picnics will continue as scheduled.
  4. Do you have Handicapped parking?
    Yes, we have a number of easily accessible spaces for people with disabilities.
  5. Will we be able to bring a stroller into the park?
    Yes, all areas are easily accessible by stroller. It will be easy to get from place to place as most of our picnic area is neatly paved.
  6. Are there changing areas for the pool and for toddlers?
    Yes, we have bathrooms at the pools and near our sports fields for changing clothes and diapers.
  7. Are the picnic areas in the shade?
    Yes, all of our 200 picnic tables are shaded. With the exception of our pools and Sports Fields our entire campus is situated under tall pines making for a cool and relaxing day.
  8. Are pets allowed inside the club?
    Due to health department regulations, no pets are permitted.


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